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Tourist Attraction
        Ayutthaya Or called Bangkok located in the central.
Former capital of Thailand It was constructed in 1893 by King U-Thong Prince or King Rama was good at one time in 417 years, the Ayutthaya era. There are 33 king His family is from the 5th Dynasty's Thong. Supan Dynasty Landscape Sukhothai dynasty Royal Castle Gold Dynasty royal house and pool It was the capital of Thailand longevity in the history of Thailand.
Wat Phananchoeng
Wat Yaichaimongkol
Wat phanan choeng as a measure that 
 has a long history of construction prior
 to the establishment of ayudhya and not 
 clear-cut evidence that who created 
 accordingto the book of Chronicles, 
 North said, God is the creator of
 honey-and granted the name  Wat Phra
 Nang Chao sheng [citation needed and 
 the Royal Chronicles of old. Original 
 capital of new service  said that God 
 established a Buddhist statue  pedestal
 phanaeng. In 1867, Prince u thong 
 of Ayutthaya to establish konphra
 to 26 years.
Wat Yai Chaimongkol is a magnificent 
ancient royal monastery, more than
a mere place ofworship.It has been
the pride ofSiamese people since 
the 13th Century. Itsvery existence 
conveys a sense of the power 
of the Ayutthaya Kingdom,which once 
expanded in alldirections.FromSiam
to coverpart of Burma to thenorthwest, 
then stretched to the east to the 
whole of Laos and Cambodia,and 
extended southward to thewhole
of Malaysia and the little island of 
Singapore. Never during those 417 years 
did any other nations challenge Siam’s 
dominion of the whole Golden Peninsula
Chantharakasem National Museum
Wat Phutthaisawan
 The National Palace copyrights or 
 copyrights. Or viceroy is U Street
 Pa Sak RiverView Northeast 
 of the island near the city.
 Wang Hua Ro Market Chankasem
 evidence. Chronicles built in that
 periodMaha Thammarachathirat.
 About 2120BCtothe residence.
 Of KingNaresuan and never
 used.The presence of Crown
 and kings desired.
Wat Phutthaisawan
  Year Round1896 King Rama 1, (U-God)
  has established measurable output
  a Prof Wanna Jersey up. A memorial
  to Wiang steel. This is the placewhere
  the troops stay for a period of 3 years
  after emigrating to escape the 
  plague.In MaySince 1893 
Wat Chai Watthanaram
Wat Mahathat
 Wat Chai Watthanaram
Chaiwatthanaram built in the year 2173 
by King Prasat Thong his desire 
to be built on the former home of His 
Majesty the King for royal
charity devoted mother.
Wat Mahathattemple is of paramount 
importance because a temple in
Ayutthaya enshrined relics heart
of Bangkok,and especially also 
the residence of the Patriarch. 
Wat Lokayasutharam
Bang Pa-In Palace
 Wat Lokayasutharam
presumably built in the Ayutthaya
period in the middle of 
Because this measure is
reclining Buddha Pang 
reclining period style middle
masonry structure the developing
wing, turn north 
Bang Pa-In Palaceis a castle in
 the middle of the pool. 
Built in the reign of King Rama v 
The original wooden elements later.
King Rama viThe antenna and the ground
is prot reinforced concrete all.



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